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Welcome home to peace of mind. 

Some of the best times in life are the ones you spend right in your own home. The first rainy night you slept there - as a brand new homeowner. The birthdays, holidays and the memories and milestones are the ones you want to keep safe.

As long as you’re spending some of your most memorable moments in your home, make sure to spend enough time choosing the right home security system. One that watches over your property and the people you love - when you’re home and when you are away. Count on Advanced Alarm Inc.

Our products do more than keep you safe... they can keep you connected to your home and family, make your home more comfortable and provide a level of simplicity and convenience you’ll really appreciate. Best of all, they can enhance the quality of your family’s life. 

Family Using Alarm System

Lower Your Insurance Premium

Security and peace of mind are not the only benefits that come along with burglar alarm systems. You may be surprised to know that a home security system may also help you lower your homeowner’s insurance premiums. Insurance companies set their rates by trying to determine how much risk a potential client poses.

Leading causes for insurance claims comes from water damage from pipes leaking or breaking, sump pump detector failure, fires and theft. We can protect you from all of these tragedies.

With Advanced Alarm, there is no additional monitoring when you add environmental protection!

Anything you can do to make yourself less of a risk results in the opportunity to lower your premiums. Because burglar alarm systems are statistically proven to prevent damage and theft, you are less of a risk to your homeowner’s insurance provider and you would be eligible for reduced rates.

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