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Why should I consider Video Surveillance? 

In this age of heightened awareness of security needs, video surveillance systems offer an extra pair of eyes to help you protect your home. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) provides the comfort that comes in viewing someone who is knocking at your front door, watching the caretaker in your home or viewing when your children come home from school. Honeywell security systems also offer Total Connect remote video services which will allow you to remotely connect from anywhere in the world with internet access to look at the designated areas of your home that you have specified your video system to monitor. Video surveillance is one of the best ways to protect your home. 

Learn more about our surveillance products below.


Totally Connected Anywhere 

If you have a laptop, smartphone or any web-enabled device, you have everything you need to look in on your homes, family or business wherever you are with our Video Services. You can record and store video clips, take snapshots, have pictures e-mailed to you upon an event—even view live, streaming video on up to six cameras at a time!

Stand Alone Video System 

You can get a standalone solution even if you do not want a security system—all you need are cameras, an Internet connection and an AlarmNet® account. It’s a great way to get peace of mind and keep an eye on your home and family.

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