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Security Dealers' Biggest Installation Challenges

Excerpt from SDM'S Article "Security Dealers' Biggest Installation Challenges" - 12/18/17

Anyone designing, installing and servicing commercial alarms knows there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. From historic buildings to multi-tenant buildings to a neighborhood accounting firm, security dealers encounter unique challenges every day.

Security Distributing and Marketing (SDM) asked some dealers to share their biggest challenges of 2017 and how they overcame them. Here is a small sampling of the everyday innovation those in the security industry employ on a regular basis.

Historic Building

John Sperrazza, president, Advanced Alarm Inc., Tonawanda, N.Y., says one of the most interesting and challenging installations his team at Advanced Alarm had this year was the Darwin Martin House, a residential complex built by iconic American architect Frank Lloyd Wright.


“The site included 30,000 square-feet of historic architecture, original furniture and artwork, and 394 art glass windows,” he says. “The aesthetic integrity was paramount to a successful installation — hidden cameras, wires and systems were crucial.”

Aside from the aesthetics, the building was being managed by three separate alarm companies, which made it difficult for the staff to keep up with the high number of false alarms, Sperrazza says. “Advanced Alarm stepped in to update the various systems one by one to ensure they were approved by the conservation group’s architects, and could be integrated into one effective, continuous and consistent system.”

To overcome the challenge of seamless aesthetics, Sperrazza’s team looked to wireless sensors from Honeywell that allowed them to avoid extensive drilling and cabling, and gave them the option for recess mounting. “By using various Honeywell systems (glass-break detectors, smoke detectors, motion detectors, IP camera system, etc.), we were able to integrate all components into an easy-to-operate system, and one that significantly reduced the number of false alarms,” he says.

In addition, Advanced Alarm installed a Honeywell IP camera system on the outside of the six buildings, which Sperrazza says eliminated the need for them to add a less-than-appealing perimeter fence or an around-the-clock security officer. “With this system, the staff could also review the building remotely on smartphones and tablets, providing a peace of mind they didn’t previously have.”

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