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What is Home Automation?

It’s having total control of your homes security, lighting, heating, air conditioning, locks, cameras, shades, ceiling fans, coffee makers, and practically anything else that has an on-off switch. Our systems can be controlled with key fobs, smart phones, tablets, and computers anywhere in the world.

Enter your home and have the temperature set for your arrival. With the push of one button you can turn off your security system, open your garage door, unlock your front door, turn on your lights, raise your thermostat, and turn on your television.

Learn more about our HomeAutomation solutions below.

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Thermostat Control
Thermostats can now be controlled to automatically lower the temperature when you close your front door and rise at a precise time for your arrival at home.

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Lighting Control
You can turn on or off interior or exterior lights from your smart phone or set up a schedule for automatic lighting control.

Remote Lock Control
Did you forget to lock the door on your way out or did your children come home or leave without locking the doors? Not a concern with a home automation system. Just open the app on your smart phone, touch the lock button and wait for the confirmation that your door is now locked.

Video Monitoring
You can view interior or exterior cameras around your home anytime with the use of your security system touch screen, tablets, smart phone, or PC’s. Keep a watch of deliveries at your front door or receive a text message with a picture of your children entering your home from school.

You're in Control
Transform your living room or basement into a cinematic experience with our home automation controls. With the touch of a button on your remote control you can close the drapes, dim the lights, turn on a movie, and turn on the popcorn machine. Now all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your automated home designed by Advanced Alarm, Inc.

Whole House Audio
Enjoy high quality sound throughout your entire home! Listen to the same or different music in every room of your home - at the same time. We will install speakers into ceilings and walls, patios and gardens, providing audio anywhere in and around your home at the touch of a button.

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